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wardrobe / wardrobe intro...
« Last post by violette bijoux valentine <3 on July 26, 2017, 03:50:33 PM »
What is in your wardrobe ?
Are you happy when you look inside your wardrobe ?
(wardrobe is referring to your closets, drawers, cupboards, cabinets, shoe boxes, hat boxes, tops of furniture...anywhere you keep your clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes, socks, stockings, hair accessories & ornaments,... anything that you use to get dressed).
I think that it might be quite helpful (possibly) for depressed people & those who have experienced depression in any of its forms, to help other people who are slumped in mud puddles.

It seems that normally (I don't know this for sure though) those who are available (&/or willing) to help other depressed people do not have any personal experience with the illness.

That could work, but maybe not always.
I'll just speak for myself of course, although I suspect that many other people who battle w/ depression and its episodes might be similar...

Depressed people are often ashamed of themselves, their lives, their illness, just about everything at times. So getting them to speak about themselves (& their depression) wouldn't probably be an easy task.

I walk around feeling guilty, ashamed, awkward, ...certainly not in the mood to open up and share anything that I may be going through at the time.

It depends on the moment, and there can certainly be triggers to my moods of depression. Yes, depression has moods, moments, waves of feelings,'s not static.
miscellaneous / test
« Last post by pink pearl on July 05, 2017, 07:57:31 PM »
managing holiday experiences / Re: holidays, dreaded ?
« Last post by olive88 on July 04, 2017, 09:26:45 PM »
It's possible to do something completely different and without precedent for a brand new holiday experience. It could be quite refreshing and exciting.

But...if you do something new, maybe you should be prepared for your family to try and make you feel a little bit guilty for "abandoning" them during the normal holiday celebration.

Maybe plan ahead and try to think of what you might say if and when they do complain...because many families will want to try and give you grief for making an original plan that doesn't involve them (if that is what you normally do).
depression as it relates to missing persons / Re: tammy kingery
« Last post by orange popsicle on July 03, 2017, 09:22:52 PM »
I have read over news articles and watched the "Disappeared" episode on the Tammy Kingery disappearance many times.

It stands out to me that in addition to possibly reacting from her prescribed medication (or from withdrawal symptoms ?), she was also feeling nervous and upset from the depression itself. That might be why she left her home to take a walk in the first place. (maybe ?)

When you're in that state of mind, you are definitely more falling down and injuring yourself, to harming yourself on purpose, to being abducted, to losing your sense of direction and possibly getting lost and disorientated, etc. It is a very desperate place, psychologically.
coping with depression / Re: coping
« Last post by orange popsicle on July 03, 2017, 09:15:01 PM »
Just an idea...

I enjoy sewing and even mending or altering clothes, so I want to suggest the idea of talking yourself into doing something (starting very small of course) that you used to appreciate doing.

For me, it can sound almost laughable to try to engage in an activity, even though I have liked doing it (in the past). When I feel especially down, I have a difficult time "doing" even though I feel anxious, nervous, antsy, agitated, and rather bored.

Sometimes when I do stuff, even in spite of feeling like not doing anything at first, I can then at least begin to feel a little bit better (believe it or not).

The most difficult part of this entire exercise is initiating the "doing".
coping with depression / Re: coping
« Last post by magenta on July 01, 2017, 07:08:24 PM »
I just began a topic about the fact that there is a lot of stigma attached to those people who are battling depression. And with regard to coping skills, part of dealing with our depression is oftentimes having to choose whether or not to share what we are going through (depression symptoms) with others.

Many people (usually those who have not been depressed) simply do not understand it. Some think (& even state aloud) that depression is something that can be "snapped out of".

Actually I do believe that there are many thought processes that we can think about and even work on incorporating. Making even small adjustments in some of our thinking habits can be beneficial in helping us better deal with life, and life with depression.
miscellaneous / the stigma of depression
« Last post by magenta on July 01, 2017, 06:54:08 PM »
There is a certain stigma in having to deal with chronic depression (or any form of "mental/emotional illness". Like it's disgraceful.


I'm not sure about that even making sense.

Well maybe it does make sense. Those with learning disabilities &/or challenges that are obvious (physical), are also looked upon as being inferior. How sad.

Before we are born, we do not get to stand in front of an expansive glass case & choose everything about ourselves...what we look like, our heritage, strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, vulnerabilities, predispositions, etc... No one does.

Why do we judge so quickly and easily.
miscellaneous / Re: self-care
« Last post by olive88 on July 01, 2017, 04:07:35 PM »
Sometimes it is a good thing to take a few moments of "break" when you need it. Being able to think (even if you're sitting in a noisy setting), can be helpful and refreshing.

It's kind of odd that there have been times when I can think more easily when I'm in a noise-cluttered environment.

My suggestion is:

Whenever you have a chance, try sitting down for a few minutes (on a park bench, at the shopping mall, in your vehicle, at the airport, at home, when you're working, with your lunch, wherever), and just try to quiet your thoughts and your brain in general.

I'm sure that you have heard this mentioned hundreds of times. By therapists, friends, relatives, strangers, people on tv, ministers or priests...

Since my mind can become quite noisy and distracting, I have found this exercise to be helpful.
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