Author Topic: have you been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder or bipolar depression ?  (Read 1070 times)

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I have to say that at times I've been a little bit confused after reading about bipolar symptoms. It seems as if there are about 4 (?) types ?

It would be helpful to many people, I think, if those who have bipolar depression (& who feel like sharing) can talk a little bit about their moods, coping skills, meds, whatever. How do you manage it ? How does it & its ups and downs affect your life ? Has there been anything at all that's been positive ?

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Not sure why, but I'm stuck on the idea that I have some type of depression that has not yet been named. Obviously "we" (scientists, research people, medical people, all people, etc.) are constantly learning about mental and emotional and psychological issues. So, well it must be possible that everything hasn't been categorized and defined yet.