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depression can be a factor in those who are missing


violette bijoux valentine <3:
I often read about and research missing people's stories. They're always sad, heartbreaking, and painful especially for those who care about them and who are left wondering what happened.

I've noticed that "depression" in one form or another often seems to lurk behind (or in front of) the various disappearances.

Why are there so many of these sad stories...

Those who are trying to deal with their various forms of depression sometimes end up being more vulnerable to:
self-harm or suicide
being harmed by others
not making the best choices (of one kind or another)

pink pearl:
I'm really glad that this topic was started. Stories of people who have disappeared are very distressing. The pain of mysteriously missing a family member or friend can be devastating and life changing.

Depression is rather silent and secretive. Rarely do family/friends really know what is going on for someone who is suffering (literally) from depression. Sometimes they think that they know that person, but they don't know everything about them - especially their deepest most personal thoughts and feelings.


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